Hello from Cornelia

Cornelia Bean is a tribute to a fine lady named Cornelia Boon (1899-1934) who lived a
short life in the tiny country of Holland. The word Boon in Dutch is Bean.

There were three granddaughters named after Cornelia and today her granddaughter
in Canada, named Cory, is carrying on her belief in family, friends and fellowship with a
cup of the best.

Cornelia Bean Ltd. is a Winnipeg-based company registered in the province of
Manitoba. Cory Krul is president of Cornelia Bean Ltd.

Cornelia Bean is a new retail concept for Canada, supplying retail and wholesale
clients with fresh teas and tea blends and fresh roasted coffee beans. The company was
established with respect for tradition and with a zeal for exploring new tastes. The
company’s vision is to provide leadership in the tea and coffee market by providing
high-quality and unique products.

Cornelia Bean, 417 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3N 0C1 Phone: 204-489-5460 Email: info@corneliabean.com FacebookTwitter