Flights of Teas by Cornelia Bean

It's the season for giving and sharing.  As we open our hearts and homes, why not let our gifts be just as warm and cozy with the gift of tea and coffee?

We are excited to introduce our Flights of Teas, beautifully adorned in a lovely gift box. There are 8 different Flights to choose from, providing you with the Taste Without the Travel!

Holiday Edition (also available in non-caffeinated) emphasizes in the warm holiday teas and tisanes that remind us of our best Christmas memories.

Earl Grey Edition - a wide selection of outstanding variations of Black Teas in the Earl family

Chai Collection - The warm and inviting tastes of chai offered in every category, herbal, green, black and white tea.

Wellness -  Keeping you on a healthy track with our Wellness collection, including herbs and tisanes, all non-caffeinated. 

Fruit/Iced Tea - All summer long we enjoyed brewing these perfect fruit blends into delicious iced tea, but they are delicious hot as well!

Oolong Tour- The Flight of Oolong is a travel experience taking you from Taiwan to Vietnam to China and back again - simply sensational!

First Class Experience - The first class Flight includes the most precious teas from around the world, including Japanese Gyrokuro, China's Super Butterfly Oolong, Canada's Sacred Blend to name a few.

With enough tea for two included, our Flights of Teas are the perfect gifts for corporate giving, secret Santas, or any tea lover on your list!

Also, back on the tea bar are delicious tastes in tea such as the delicious S'more Tisane and the tried and true Candy Cane Rooibos, Maple Taffy Black Tea and Gingerbread Man. New to the tea bar is the stunning White Tea called Royaltea, an Organic Chocolate Chai Herbal Infusion and Nutcracker fruit tea as well the uplifting Joy Oolong! Remember these teas are holiday offerings and are in limited supply!

Coffee is also an option. We are excited to announce the arrival of 49th Parallel Coffee. The Old School and Blue Sky Espresso, French Roast are in stock now!  We will continue to offer our fantastic selection of craft roasted coffee. We confidently recommend our own Private Reserve Blend, a medium dark roast and full body. It is our best selling coffee and continues to satisfy the most distinguished coffee connoisseur. Our house blend The Cornelia Bean is also popular, offering a taste of Hawaii with its Kona component. We carry coffee from a wide range of roasters such as Intelligentsia, Dogwood, Propeller, Coyote Coffee, Black Pearl and 49th Parallel.

Customer Appreciation Open House on Thursday, November 24th from 6 to 8pm! Come by for drinks and treats and surprise specials.