Father's Day Gifts and Summer Bliss

Summer, the season that we spend our winters dreaming of, has arrived! June and the summer solstice’s official welcome means a warm sun, long days at the lake, patios, picnics in the parks, and Father’s Day.

If you’re looking for a perfect Father’s Day gift, we have ordered in a special shipment of Maui Mokka and Howling Coyote coffee. Maui Mokka is an exceptional and multi-award winner from the Hawaiian Island and a guaranteed hit for your dad. Howling Coyote coffee is roasted in a state of the art and environmentally conscious facility and prides itself on its commitment to being an organic and healthy choice for you and the Earth. Dad will love the latest technology for making the best tea and coffee.  We now carry the exceptional new French press line, Espro, that is a far superior product to any other French press. They include an extra layer of filtering to give you a clean and smooth cup. You can also add an additional filter to make an even cleaner cup. They’re also great for tea and look sleek and stylish on the countertop. Espro travelers for tea and coffee are also available. 

We are excited to announce that Cornelia Bean will be offering free city wide delivery with any purchase over $50. This is an excellent way to stock up on your favourite teas and coffees for the summer while also having the convenience of free delivery. Simply browse through our website, do a bit of clicking and you will have your delicious products without having to sacrifice any outdoor time.

June also means the official start to iced drink season. The Hario Cold Coffee brewers are perfect for making your own cold brew at home. Raspberry Renegade and Lemoncello are two new teas that are absolutely delicious as homemade iced tea. Many of our fruit and black teas make beautiful iced drinks so please check out the best teas and coffees for iced drinks in our Sweet Summer Collection online and experiment with how to make a refreshing beverage. Celebrate the summer solstice and arrival of summer!