About Us

Cornelia Bean Ltd. was established in 2004 by Cory Krul, President, and her husband, Bob Krul, Partner and Owner. Cornelia Bean specializes in the finest loose leaf tea, freshly roasted coffees and accompanying accessories.

Cornelia Bean Ltd. started as a tribute to Mrs.Cornelia Boon (1899-1934) who was born the town of Broek op Langedijk; north of Amsterdam in Holland. Cory has chosen to take on her grandmother’s name in memory of her and her short, rich life.

Mrs.Boon came from a country that has a tremendous history in trading coffee, tea and chocolate. The concept of offering tea and coffee from the single shop is historically unique to the Netherlands as no other country in the world would have allowed these products to occupy the same retail space. But this is beginning to change. Today there are several companies in Europe that have successfully followed this old, Dutch tradition.

The Krul name, on the other hand, has a long tradition in making and selling cakes and chocolates out of specialty shops in Belgium and Holland and as such, has inspired the design of the present day Cornelia Bean Ltd. shop and it’s unique line of products.

We established Cornelia Bean Ltd. with a respect for tradition, and we pride ourselves in providing the best quality, value and selection. We are enthusiastic in our blending of fresh and natural teas, our careful curation of freshly roasted coffees, and our selection of premium accessories.


Our Mission

Cornelia Bean Ltd. is committed to providing the highest quality products and the highest standard of customer service so each and every patron has a memorable experience.

Cornelia Bean is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality loose-leaf tea and freshly roasted coffee and purchasing it from reputable and sustainable brokers.

Cornelia Bean is committed to working with local suppliers and leads the market in supporting its industry for the benefit of the local economy.

Our Vision

To ensure that every experience with us, whether in person or online, is memorable and exceptional. We strive to provide each customer with an outstanding and personalized experience.

To offer the best products from around the world and bring a taste of adventure to every cup. We hope to give our customers the opportunity to savour "Taste Without the Travel™".

To support the local effort of suppliers, and at every opportunity, to promote other local businesses that are partners in the industry. To be inspired by the ever-changing environment of the industry, including new approaches to tea, coffee, and chocolate, as well as technological innovations.

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