Welcoming Spring

It's half way through March, and winter is slowly loosening its tight grip on our bodies, minds, and spirits. As much as we love winter and cozying up with a cup of tea, it is always thrilling when you smell the first hints of spring in the air and know that a new season is coming. With the growing rays of light and warmth, we can begin our farewell to winter and welcome spring with open arms.


During the winter, days revolve around being bundled up and staying warm indoors. We go into hibernation mode, physically and mentally. But with the reawakening of the earth comes a reawakening of our bodies and minds. It feels like there is more time and inspiration to try new sensations and experiment with different processes. Trying new things would have required too much precious energy in December, but in March, we are ready!


Cornelia Bean has been experimenting with two new products and loving how to incorporate them and their health benefits into our daily lives. Kombucha, fermented tea, has benefits ranging from promoting healthy gut bacteria to improving digestion and metabolic processes. Don’t run away when you hear the word “fermented”! Kombucha is made by adding cultivated bacteria to sugar and tea, which produces a slightly fizzy and tart beverage that you can drink alone or mix with juice or other flavours. Allow the taste to grow on you and you can enjoy a refreshing drink that Kombucha lovers say can stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer, and improve digestion and liver function.


Many people find that they get hooked on drinking Kombucha and then love experimenting with making their own homemade version. The new spring season is a perfect time to explore new traditions and flavours, especially ones as healthy, interesting, and tasty as Kombucha. Cornelia Bean carries a range of organic black and green teas, the key to the most delicious homemade Kombucha. We make brewing your own Kombucha even easier with a range of containers and pitchers for the perfect environment for beverage carbonation. Kombucha will have you feeling your very best as we enter spring and summer.


We have also started carrying Manitoba Ground Chaga tea. Chaga, a mushroom that is sustainably harvested from the sides of white birch trees, is well-known for its anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and immune-system promoting properties. It’s so easy to brew (especially in the Wall cup) and the tea grounds can be used multiple times. It has a very gentle flavour and a lovely tea to sip.


Now is the time to break out of old habits and celebrate the new season with new traditions and sensations. We would love to introduce you to Chaga and Kombucha this spring!


Practice Hygge

February has blown in with icy temperatures, harshly reminding us all that winter is not quite over. We’re close, with the days getting longer and the sun’s warmth growing stronger, but we still have a while to go before spring is truly here….

While we wait for spring, and in this month celebrating love and passion, Cornelia Bean is embracing hygge, the Danish concept of creating coziness and taking pleasure in simple things in our daily lives. Dark days and cold winds are inspiring us to surround ourselves with warmth and indulgence in our store and homes.

We have everything you need to bring hygge into your home: hand poured candles, blended in-house hot chocolate, and local honey. We’re also restocked with Black Pearl’s Rwanda coffee, our darkest and richest roast. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we have selected six of our most romantic teas and hand-crafted a Valentine’s Day tea flight. Each beautiful box holds enough tea for two friends, two lovers, two sisters to share. We are excited for you to try Love and Roses rooibos, Strawberry Champagne fruit tea, Dark Chocolate black tea, Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea, Royal white tea, and Paradise fruit tea. Our wide selections of teas, coffees, honeys, and chocolates also make wonderful gifts for that special someone.

If you want to get out of the house, come join us here and enjoy the warm and gentle atmosphere within the store. With our vintage espresso bar and freshly ground espresso beans or freshly brewed teas, you can sit in the sunshine at the bar in our store and watch the world go by on a wintry afternoon.

Relaxation, comfort, and appreciation – simple words but essential ideas to bring into our lives during these cold days. We hope you find a simple luxury that brings a bit of warmth to your heart this month!

Celebrate January

The holiday season has passed and we are all dragging our feet back into the reality of work, school, and life in January in the prairies. Magazine covers scream at us about detoxing and making resolutions to eat less and exercise more. And yet this month, the coldest and darkest of all months, is the time when we most need to be gentle to ourselves. You could sit at home cursing winter, wishing you were one of those lucky few flying to Hawaii, and counting down the days until summer, or you could recognize that we can survive January by dedicating a few more minutes of the day to our bodies and souls. What about promising to take care of yourself with a simple and affordable luxury? Something as simple as taking the time to select a beautiful tea, brew it up, and sit quietly for a few minutes.

At Cornelia Bean, we swear there is a touch of magic in the brewing of a cup of tea. This affordable luxury warms the body but also warms the soul and reminds us that this harsh time of year holds its own beauty when we pause for a moment. A cup of tea can wake you up in the morning, relax you on your drive to work, and warm your bones on a cold evening after a walk around the neighbourhood.

We always love suggesting our favourite teas and we have some special ones that can brighten up these cold dark days. Dark Horse, an all-time favourite, is a rich black tea that is truly magic with honey and milk and the perfect start to a cold morning. For those interested in the health benefits of teas, we have Spicy Turmeric, with curcumin, a nutritional powerhouse known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Pu erh teas have naturally occurring probiotics to help with gastrointestinal health and stomach upset and we also have Balance, filled with cardamom pods and goji berries and a wonderful herbal option if you’d like a cup of tea before bed. If you’re looking for beautiful teas that will transport you to another world, try Orange Blossom Mint, a delicate citrusy green, Joy oolong with jasmine and peach, or Royal white tea, with green tea leaves, papaya, mango, and rose blossoms. Brewing a perfect cup of tea has never been easier than with the Wall tea cup. With left and right handed options, it’s a simple one-step process to warm up, embrace winter, and enjoy this cold snowy month!

We are offering 10% off online orders of $100 or more with the code Celebrate January at checkout. Offer ends January 31, 2017.



Gift Baskets Personalized for You

Looking for a beautiful gift idea? There is something special about putting together a gift basket for someone.  At Cornelia Bean we take a personal approach to gift giving and love to make them especially for you. Here are a few ideas to help you decide! Gift baskets are always a beautiful gift to give and receive!

Support local by letting us put together a collection of Manitoba products: 

  • Cornelia Bean's custom Manitoba Rooibos tea
  • CB custom blended Callebault Hot Chocolate
  • Manitoba Rooibos Hand Made Fudge by Le Beau Cafe and Fudgery
  • Bag of Bliss Gourmet Cookies 
  • John Russel Honey 
  • The Wall Glass Tea Infuser from Boreal Wildcraft
  • 1lb of Artisan Roasted Coffee from Black Pearl
  • Mud and Stone handcrafted tall tumbler
  • Canadian Birch Company Syrup
  • Coal and Canary Candle
  • ~ $190

We have an outstanding collection of loose leaf tea to offer and have gathered some beautiful ones in collections we lovingly call The Flight of Tea. So if you are looking for tea specific gifts, here are a couple suggestions for you.


For the travel buff  

We love coffee aficionados too! Here are a couple ideas that are sure to impress:



  • Gift baskets are complimentarily wrapped, when over $100.00, with smaller gifts lovingly put into our signature gift bags on orders for pick up or delivery within city limits. All mail order items will be beautifully placed in a mail packing box and sent via expedited service.

Please take some time to peruse the website to select the items you would like included in your gift basket. Once in your cart, let us know at check-out in the comments section which items you would like to be wrapped up in the gift basket. You can also call us at 204-489-2542 or email us at with your order. It's that simple!

We will attempt to have a 24 hour turnaround on all orders received via email and online.

Contact us today to create your customized gift basket for the holidays! We are happy to meet all your gift giving needs. 

Flights of Teas by Cornelia Bean

It's the season for giving and sharing.  As we open our hearts and homes, why not let our gifts be just as warm and cozy with the gift of tea and coffee?

We are excited to introduce our Flights of Teas, beautifully adorned in a lovely gift box. There are 8 different Flights to choose from, providing you with the Taste Without the Travel!

Holiday Edition (also available in non-caffeinated) emphasizes in the warm holiday teas and tisanes that remind us of our best Christmas memories.

Earl Grey Edition - a wide selection of outstanding variations of Black Teas in the Earl family

Chai Collection - The warm and inviting tastes of chai offered in every category, herbal, green, black and white tea.

Wellness -  Keeping you on a healthy track with our Wellness collection, including herbs and tisanes, all non-caffeinated. 

Fruit/Iced Tea - All summer long we enjoyed brewing these perfect fruit blends into delicious iced tea, but they are delicious hot as well!

Oolong Tour- The Flight of Oolong is a travel experience taking you from Taiwan to Vietnam to China and back again - simply sensational!

First Class Experience - The first class Flight includes the most precious teas from around the world, including Japanese Gyrokuro, China's Super Butterfly Oolong, Canada's Sacred Blend to name a few.

With enough tea for two included, our Flights of Teas are the perfect gifts for corporate giving, secret Santas, or any tea lover on your list!

Also, back on the tea bar are delicious tastes in tea such as the delicious S'more Tisane and the tried and true Candy Cane Rooibos, Maple Taffy Black Tea and Gingerbread Man. New to the tea bar is the stunning White Tea called Royaltea, an Organic Chocolate Chai Herbal Infusion and Nutcracker fruit tea as well the uplifting Joy Oolong! Remember these teas are holiday offerings and are in limited supply!

Coffee is also an option. We are excited to announce the arrival of 49th Parallel Coffee. The Old School and Blue Sky Espresso, French Roast are in stock now!  We will continue to offer our fantastic selection of craft roasted coffee. We confidently recommend our own Private Reserve Blend, a medium dark roast and full body. It is our best selling coffee and continues to satisfy the most distinguished coffee connoisseur. Our house blend The Cornelia Bean is also popular, offering a taste of Hawaii with its Kona component. We carry coffee from a wide range of roasters such as Intelligentsia, Dogwood, Propeller, Coyote Coffee, Black Pearl and 49th Parallel.

Customer Appreciation Open House on Thursday, November 24th from 6 to 8pm! Come by for drinks and treats and surprise specials.