Comfort for the Common Cold or Flu

A scratchy throat, a stuffed up nose, and aching bones! We all know the warning signs of getting sick, but what can you do to conquer the cold bug before it knocks you off your feet?


At Cornelia Bean, the Cold Chaser tea will guide you to staying healthy in these  weeks of winter. Loaded with ginger, parsley and eucalyptus leaves, the Cold Chaser blend is an outstanding choice when you feel the first signs of a cold. Eucalyptus has long been used to soothe sore throats and relieve sinus congestion.


When you feel a cold ready to hit, chase it away with the Cold Chaser! For this month, we are offering The Wall 310, as seen in the picture, free with all orders over $100.00 CAD. As usual, we offer free delivery within the perimeter of Winnipeg on all orders over $80.00 CAD. Orders over $100 CAD are eligible for free shipping Canada-wide. Be sure to look after yourself and we will look after you too!


The use of herbs is a respected and time-honored approach to treating illnesses and improving health. However, as with any medication, you should consult with your health care provider.       




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