Wholesale Products & Accessories

Award-winning, innovative products for every occasion. 


We are leading innovators in the market, developing new products which enhance the tea infusing process. We offer custom tea and coffee blends, flavouring and condiment mixes, and accessories like our award-winning glass mug - The Wall*, various cups, brewing machines, milk frothers, and dispensers.


If we don't have it on hand, we will search and leverage our industry expertise to identify and source the most reliable, high quality, and affordable products available to suit your needs.




Tea and Coffee Blends

Purpose-built, delicious blends for every style and taste. 


CB Wholesale offers its 20 years of experience crafting beloved tea and coffee blends to the task of creating and fulfilling your custom orders. Combining the best local and global ingredients, with a professional eye for creating harmonious brews, makes every cup a true pleasure.





Infusion equipment and consumables for retail and restaurant use


Our equipment product range compliments our tea and coffee options, allowing your customers to enjoy their new custom blends in their own preferred style.


The Wall* is a brilliantly designed glass mug with a built-in strainer. Loose leaf tea and herbs are held back as you sipMade with lightweight, yet sturdy laboratory grade borosilicate glass, enjoy the pure clean taste of quality tea! The Wall* is the best vessel to display your unique custom tea blends to current and potential clients. Showcase your brand with this incredible world class, award-winning product. 


We love working with restaurants and cafes to identify the right products for your business - like brewing machines, milk frothers, paper filters, and more - to assure you have the tools you need to create the best end products for your customers.




Flavourings, Extracts, Condiments

Rare ingredients, unique flavours. 


We have worked with local breweries, restaurants, bars, and cafes to develop unique condiments, tea extracts, tinctures, and flavourings to enhance their offerings. Some of our customers use our blends to make botanical liquor, kombucha, beers, chocolate bars, and even tea spice rubs.


Our deep industry connections allow CB Wholesale to source speciality and rare ingredients that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary.  

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