Q: What happens if I am not around to accept my delivered order?
A: If you selected City-Wide Delivery (Winnipeg Only), then we will bring your order back to Cornelia Bean (417 Academy Road), and it will have to be picked up. 

Q: Can I include a note for the gift I ordered?
A: Yes! We are happy to handwrite a short message and include it within your order. Please include this in the notes section at checkout.

Q: How do I pick up my order?
A: You can come see us at 417 Academy Road. You'll need to tell us the first and last name on the order. 

Q: I need 500g of 'x' tea, can you put it all in one bag?
A: You'll notice that many of our tea listings only have a 50g and 100g option. If you're looking for larger quantities, you can add as many packages as required to equal the total amount you're looking to purchase and then include a note in the notes section at checkout that you'd like it in one bag instead.

Q: Can you gift wrap my package?
A: Definitely! Just let us know that you need it gift wrapped in the notes section at checkout.

Q: I purchased a gift card, where is it?
A: Your gift card will be automatically sent to your email once we confirm your order. If you're gifting it to someone else, you will need to forward the email containing the gift card information to them yourself.


After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. This means that we have now received your order, and that your order has moved into our fulfillment queue.

Once orders enter our fulfillment queue, they are processed right away. This window of time is subject to change and is not guaranteed.

Once we have completed processing your order, you will receive another email letting you know that your order has been completed. Once you receive this order completion email, your order is now complete.

Please refer below for details on each shipping method:

Pick-Up: Once you have received the 'Order Complete' email, you may pick up your order anytime between 10am and 5pm, Tuesday - Saturday at Cornelia Bean, 417 Academy Road.You do not need to book a pickup time or let us know when you're coming. We can't wait to see you!

City-Wide Delivery:
Once you have received the 'Order Complete' email, your order is now in our delivery queue, and you can expect it in the next few business days. Once delivered, we are no longer responsible for your package.

*If no one is available to retrieve your package at time of delivery - we will bring it back to Cornelia Bean at 417 Academy, and it will need to be picked up.

**Please only select City-Wide Delivery if your address falls WITHIN the Perimeter limits. We cannot deliver outside of the Perimeter. If you select City-Wide Delivery and your address is not within the Perimeter, this may result in longer processing times and a shipment charge on your order.

Parcel Shipment via Canada Post: 
Once you have received the 'Order Complete' email, your order will be dropped off at a Canada Post office the next business day, and will begin its journey to you! You can follow along on the tracking number included in the email. Please note that once your package is received by post, we are no longer responsible.


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