Celebrate January

The holiday season has passed and we are all dragging our feet back into the reality of work, school, and life in January in the prairies. Magazine covers scream at us about detoxing and making resolutions to eat less and exercise more. And yet this month, the coldest and darkest of all months, is the time when we most need to be gentle to ourselves. You could sit at home cursing winter, wishing you were one of those lucky few flying to Hawaii, and counting down the days until summer, or you could recognize that we can survive January by dedicating a few more minutes of the day to our bodies and souls. What about promising to take care of yourself with a simple and affordable luxury? Something as simple as taking the time to select a beautiful tea, brew it up, and sit quietly for a few minutes.

At Cornelia Bean, we swear there is a touch of magic in the brewing of a cup of tea. This affordable luxury warms the body but also warms the soul and reminds us that this harsh time of year holds its own beauty when we pause for a moment. A cup of tea can wake you up in the morning, relax you on your drive to work, and warm your bones on a cold evening after a walk around the neighbourhood.

We always love suggesting our favourite teas and we have some special ones that can brighten up these cold dark days. Dark Horse, an all-time favourite, is a rich black tea that is truly magic with honey and milk and the perfect start to a cold morning. For those interested in the health benefits of teas, we have Spicy Turmeric, with curcumin, a nutritional powerhouse known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Pu erh teas have naturally occurring probiotics to help with gastrointestinal health and stomach upset and we also have Balance, filled with cardamom pods and goji berries and a wonderful herbal option if you’d like a cup of tea before bed. If you’re looking for beautiful teas that will transport you to another world, try Orange Blossom Mint, a delicate citrusy green, Joy oolong with jasmine and peach, or Royal white tea, with green tea leaves, papaya, mango, and rose blossoms. Brewing a perfect cup of tea has never been easier than with the Wall tea cup. With left and right handed options, it’s a simple one-step process to warm up, embrace winter, and enjoy this cold snowy month!

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