Practice Hygge

February has blown in with icy temperatures, harshly reminding us all that winter is not quite over. We’re close, with the days getting longer and the sun’s warmth growing stronger, but we still have a while to go before spring is truly here….

While we wait for spring, and in this month celebrating love and passion, Cornelia Bean is embracing hygge, the Danish concept of creating coziness and taking pleasure in simple things in our daily lives. Dark days and cold winds are inspiring us to surround ourselves with warmth and indulgence in our store and homes.

We have everything you need to bring hygge into your home: hand poured candles, blended in-house hot chocolate, and local honey. We’re also restocked with Black Pearl’s Rwanda coffee, our darkest and richest roast. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, we have selected six of our most romantic teas and hand-crafted a Valentine’s Day tea flight. Each beautiful box holds enough tea for two friends, two lovers, two sisters to share. We are excited for you to try Love and Roses rooibos, Strawberry Champagne fruit tea, Dark Chocolate black tea, Kyoto Cherry Rose green tea, Royal white tea, and Paradise fruit tea. Our wide selections of teas, coffees, honeys, and chocolates also make wonderful gifts for that special someone.

If you want to get out of the house, come join us here and enjoy the warm and gentle atmosphere within the store. With our vintage espresso bar and freshly ground espresso beans or freshly brewed teas, you can sit in the sunshine at the bar in our store and watch the world go by on a wintry afternoon.

Relaxation, comfort, and appreciation – simple words but essential ideas to bring into our lives during these cold days. We hope you find a simple luxury that brings a bit of warmth to your heart this month!

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