Perfect Hostess Gifting for Easter

Looking for the perfect hostess gift as we approach Easter weekend? A gift that is thoughtful and special, healthier and less expensive than wine? Tea, our absolute favourite thing in the world, is becoming the newest trend in gifts and is perfect to share with your host and the dinner table. We usually pick up a bottle of wine when we receive a dinner invite, but with the versatility of tea, you can pair the perfect brew with your next dinner party!

Just as we pair wines with certain foods, you can also pair teas with the foods you’re serving or enjoying with your host. Fruit teas, such as our Strawberry Champagne tea, are a natural companion to a light meal and bring with them the freshness of spring. Seafood and shellfish pair beautifully with green tea, such as Gen Mai Cha (the green tea with roasted rice you know from sushi restaurants) or bright grassy Kukicha. Dark Horse, a rich black tea, is best served after dinner with heavy desserts while a creamy dessert loves a bright and astringent Darjeeling to balance out the sweetness. If you’ve over-indulged, Pu-erh tea, like our full-bodied Blood Orange Pu-erh, can balance the digestive system and assist with any stomach upset. Oolong is versatile and goes with any meal, as well as a tea you can sip through the night. Indulge in a healthy treat of exotic Super Butterfly Wuyi oolong!

Why limit yourself to just one tea for your dinner party when you can have a whole selection of beautifully packaged and delicious teas to share with your host? Our pre-made flights of tea are in an elegant gold and black box and fragrant with Peppermint, Tangerine Ginger fruit tea, Creamy Lemon green tea, Toffee Dream white tea, Creamed Earl Grey black tea and Manitoba Rooibos. These are easily shared and everyone at the table will find one they can enjoy!

If you want to add an extra special touch to your gift, we have pastel Bee House teapots to serve and share your tea. These are guaranteed no-drip pots and become a gorgeous centerpiece on the table. With spring and summer on the way, we also have a range of different designs and colours of Moroccan cups which are a beautiful alternative to regular tea mugs.

Think beyond the bottle of wine and let us help choose the perfect tea for your next dinner party!


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