Welcoming Spring

It's half way through March, and winter is slowly loosening its tight grip on our bodies, minds, and spirits. As much as we love winter and cozying up with a cup of tea, it is always thrilling when you smell the first hints of spring in the air and know that a new season is coming. With the growing rays of light and warmth, we can begin our farewell to winter and welcome spring with open arms.


During the winter, days revolve around being bundled up and staying warm indoors. We go into hibernation mode, physically and mentally. But with the reawakening of the earth comes a reawakening of our bodies and minds. It feels like there is more time and inspiration to try new sensations and experiment with different processes. Trying new things would have required too much precious energy in December, but in March, we are ready!


Cornelia Bean has been experimenting with two new products and loving how to incorporate them and their health benefits into our daily lives. Kombucha, fermented tea, has benefits ranging from promoting healthy gut bacteria to improving digestion and metabolic processes. Don’t run away when you hear the word “fermented”! Kombucha is made by adding cultivated bacteria to sugar and tea, which produces a slightly fizzy and tart beverage that you can drink alone or mix with juice or other flavours. Allow the taste to grow on you and you can enjoy a refreshing drink that Kombucha lovers say can stimulate the immune system, prevent cancer, and improve digestion and liver function.


Many people find that they get hooked on drinking Kombucha and then love experimenting with making their own homemade version. The new spring season is a perfect time to explore new traditions and flavours, especially ones as healthy, interesting, and tasty as Kombucha. Cornelia Bean carries a range of organic black and green teas, the key to the most delicious homemade Kombucha. We make brewing your own Kombucha even easier with a range of containers and pitchers for the perfect environment for beverage carbonation. Kombucha will have you feeling your very best as we enter spring and summer.


We have also started carrying Manitoba Ground Chaga tea. Chaga, a mushroom that is sustainably harvested from the sides of white birch trees, is well-known for its anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and immune-system promoting properties. It’s so easy to brew (especially in the Wall cup) and the tea grounds can be used multiple times. It has a very gentle flavour and a lovely tea to sip.


Now is the time to break out of old habits and celebrate the new season with new traditions and sensations. We would love to introduce you to Chaga and Kombucha this spring!


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