Flights of Tea

A perfectly curated collection of teas. Great for gifts!
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A Flight of Tea
Cornelia Bean Ltd.

A Flight of Tea


We offer this beautiful gift box comprised of 6 carefully curated teas. Flights of tea are available in 7 different collections.

Cornelia's Favourites Collection: Rooibos Manitoba Organic, Creamy Lemon Green Tea, Creamed Earl Grey, Tangerine Ginger Herbal Tea, Toffee Dream White Tea, and Peppermint Organic

Chai Collection: Masala Chai, Nepalese Chai, Goa Chai, White Tea Chai, Yogi Herbal Chai and Apricot Chai.

Earl Grey Collection: Marquis, Creamed Earl Grey, Lavender Earl Grey, Earl Grey, Garden Party and Russian Earl Grey.

First Class Experience Collection: Gyokuro Green Tea, Super Butterfly Oolong, Golden Rain Black Tea, Silver Needle White Tea, Golden Puerh-Aged Green Tea, and Sacred Bland Herbal Tea.

Iced Tea Collection: Tangerine Ginger, Summer in the City, Victoria Beach, Frosted Berries, Lake of the Woods and Pear Garden Black Current.

Oolong Collection: Quanzhou Milk Oolong China, Iron Goddess Oolong China, Dong Ding Oolong Taiwan, Li Shan Oolong Taiwan, Tung Ting Oolong Vietnam, Summer Concubine Oolong Taiwan

Wellness Collection: Balance, Paradise Reiki, Ginger Fresh, Spicy Turmeric Rooibos, Tulsi Garden of Eden and Pomegranate Raspberry Moringa

Custom Selections are also available, we are happy to help you find the perfect selection to fit you or your gifting needs. Please contact us and we can put together a quote for your custom flight of tea!

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