The Taste of Summer

Want to take something special home for summer?  Here are some suggestion to try:

There are a number of great coffees to try this summer, and anyone can make their own Cold Brew.

+ Kenya AA, Intelligentsia House Blend, and Cornelia Bean are exceptional coffees to try using the cold brew method. Just a medium grind coffee, approximately 100 grams or 4 ounces to 1 litre or 34 ounces of tepid filter water. Combine, give a brief stir and let sit overnight. This coffee is delicious over ice.

+ Private Reserve continues to be ever popular for all you espresso, drip and french press enthusiasts.

Mango Crush Rooibos, Dragonberry, Tangerine Ginger, Paradise, Strawberry Champagne and Moody Manitoba are the star tisanes for making iced tea at home.  But I could go on with the Lake of the Woods, Victoria Beach, and The Whiteshell as favourites to take to the lake.

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