Behind the Scenes: Tea Blends

At Cornelia Bean, I am always interested in creating new blends or finding the right mix for someone with specific taste preferences. We receive customers seeking a special blend for anything from a wedding to corporate inquiries for a unique blend for organizations, retail shoppes, restaurants, or bed and breakfasts. I am always interested in finding and creating the right mix for them.

The first criteria is to understand who the blend is for and its purpose. After that's established, the fun of combining tea, herbs, and flowers begins! It's important to deconstruct the flavour you are trying to emulate in the tea. For example, if I'm trying to build a sweet dessert taste, I need to breakdown what the flavour notes are and start building layers of flavours together. After that's done, it's fun to "dress up" the blend with flowers and colour, keeping in mind that they also add something to the finished project.

Pictured is a unique tea I developed for a specific person as a gift for someone. It was called Joy and has the wonderful aroma of jasmine and peach. Another project was to develop a signature blend for the Manitoba Museum. We used the smokiness of the Lapsang and added some wonderful Canadian maple. The scent we were looking for was reminiscent of being near the Nonsuch Ship. So named, it makes a wonderful souvenir and the taste is very interestingly delicious.

If you're seeking a custom blend, contact us for more information!

Cory Krul
Tea Sommelier 


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