Sleepy Time Habits to Start this Spring

Oh, sleep! We are learning more every day about its hidden health benefits and know it is something that we can’t live without, but many of us just can’t seem to get enough of it every night….

Developing healthy sleeping habits is becoming more important in our fast-paced and plugged-in world where almost all of us carry a cell phone and are constantly online. Unplugging before bed is now something we need to train ourselves to do. Luckily, there are some simple strategies you can try to develop a routine for more satisfying sleeps and health.

  1. Avoid caffeine before bed and start a routine of drinking herbal tea. We recommend using the Wall cup to brew a small cup of Peace tea before sleeping. Peace Tea is one of several wildcrafted tea blends we carry that are harvested from Canada’s boreal forest. Its traditional uses include sedative, anti-depressant, sleep aid, irritability, and nervous exhaustion. It is a beautiful earthy blend of blue vervain, organic lemon balm, organic catnip, organic oat straw, red bergamot, organic chamomile, organic hops, organic motherwort, organic valerian, organic skullcap, organic St. John's wort.

Other herbal teas such as Rooibos blends, Calming moon, Nirvana, Soul's Harmony, Balance, Fountain of Youth, and Keep Well are great before bedtime as they encourage a calming of the nervous system and are high in antioxidants.

  1. Limit heavy meals and exercise close to bed. Being physically active during the day will help you fall asleep, but doing it right before bed, may overstimulate your body. The same goes for eating—stick to light snacks close to bedtime. 
  1. Maintain your bedroom as a sleep-only space. Avoid using electronics or doing work so that your body only associates that space for sleep.
  1. Limit exposure to phones, laptops, and tablets an hour before bed. Reading for a few minutes in bed or listening to a guided meditation can be options for winding down a few minutes before you go to sleep.
  1. If you have worries on your mind, write out a list of these worries before bed so that you can spend less time and energy focusing on them. This is another opportunity to listen to a guided meditation app (such as Insight or Headspace).

There is no magic pill or secret fix, but developing a healthy nighttime routine can have major benefits for your sleep patterns and overall health!

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