Wedding Favours-Celebrate your special day with Tea and/or Coffee from Cornelia Bean


Wedding Favours

What better way to thank your family and friends for being part of the most special and joyous day of your life than with gorgeous and unique wedding favours from Cornelia Bean. We know that planning a wedding is an exciting but stressful job, so Cornelia Bean is here to help! No matter the size of your wedding or budget, we can make your wedding planning easier by custom creating wedding favours that will leave your guests with a beautiful memory of your big day.

Here is some information to get you started and we are always excited to work with you in person at our store. Custom blending a tea specially for you would be an option and an honour as well.


We have a wide range of loose leaf tea selections that are delicious and gorgeous. You are welcome to come in and explore our tea choices and we can show you some popular wedding ones, such as Love and Roses or Strawberry Champagne, or we can recommend teas based on your wedding dream. And you can name your tea whatever you like to fit your wedding details!

We recommend 15-25 grams of tea per person. This is enough for a few cups of tea.


We carry coffee beans from roasters across North America, including from right here in Winnipeg. We can make recommendations and show you some of our most popular coffees that are always crowd pleasers.

We recommend 75 grams of coffee per person. This is enough for a pot of coffee. 


We have several options for packaging, depending on your budget and time constraints.

Many couples choose to package their own tea. You can choose your own packaging or we carry clear cellophane bags or foil bags for purchase. Foil bags are available in silver, gold, black, white, royal blue, burgundy, green, and yellow. We will include tea and/or coffee labels and Cornelia Bean stickers.

We can also package your tea, however we request that you provide us with at least 2 weeks notice so we can ensure your order is ready in time.


We offer a 30% discount on all bulk tea and coffee purchases. Our tea and coffee prices vary, but many of our most popular teas cost $12-14 per 100g and our coffees cost $21 per pound.

If you package your own tea and/or coffee, we sell bags at cost with labels and Cornelia Bean stickers included in the price.

Clear cellophane bags - $10/100 bags
Foil bags - $25/100 bags

If you would like us to package your wedding favours, pricing depends on the quantity and specific details of the order. Please visit us in store for more details.


If you have any questions, please visit us at 417 Academy Road (between Niagara and Waterloo), send us an email at, or call us at 204-489-5460.


Photography: Pauline Boldt


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